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Safe Outside Personal Training in Kettering


Gyms are back open (for now), but you’re not feeling it. There’s a lot of controversy around safety in gyms, and, although you’re itching to get back to something like your fitness level pre-COVID-19, this is definitely an obstacle.


A private personal trainer. Outside.

Where safety is paramount, and you can experience personal training sessions, one to one, in the fresh air whilst exercising.

Linnie Fitness are offering a special offer for new members:

Just £35 for your first 3 PT sessions

For just over £10 a session, you can start working towards your fitness goals today! It is an absolute bargain.

woman performing a squat in the park

Check out some recent blog posts to give some further info on personal training services in Kettering and Northamptonshire.

Personal fitness trainers have studied hard, earned their fitness qualifications and have a greater understanding of how the body works and how to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Invest in yourself today by signing up for Linnie Fitness membership today, and grab yourself the bargain first 3 PT sessions for just £35.

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