Tips for post-lockdown gym visits

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Published: July 14, 2021

The gym is back open, and restrictions are easing. However, the gym can be a little daunting to return to, especially if you’ve had an extended period away from it.

We have compiled some simple advice to follow for your post-lockdown gym visits, to stay safe, and most importantly, to enjoy regular exercise again.

How do you start the gym after lockdown?

The best way is to ease yourself in gradually, don’t go in too hard and too fast! Start with light exercises, and allow your body to acclimatise to exercise again.

The right warmup for your gym workout is essential, so begin by activating your core muscle groups such as your glutes and hamstrings using resistance bands and body weight stretches before moving onto cardio or weights.

In addition, make sure your hydration is on point, and enjoy it!

How often should you train after lockdown?

Try just 3 times per week initially, as this will give your muscle tissues time to adjust to regular exercise and adapt to the increase of load you are placing on them.

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How do you lift weights after lockdown?

Consider enlisting the help of a PT to start you off on the right track with weights. The last thing you want to do is to go for a 1 rep max deadlift immediately, and injure yourself! Your PT will be able to steer you in the right direction of weightlifting, in a safe way.

Slow it all down and do your usual exercises at around 50-60% of your pre-lockdown weights, with a view to gradually increasing the weights over 4-8 weeks.

Which exercises should you avoid after lockdown?

Plyometrics is not something you want to jump into (pardon the pun) immediately on your first week back at the gym. Skipping, hopping and jumping need to be integrated back into your workouts with care, as they have the biggest impact on tendons and bones.

If your lockdown has been particularly sedentary, give the jumping a miss until around week 3 of your gym return.

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What are the alternatives?

There are a few options to consider before hitting the gym and bodybuilding again!

Why not try:

What about recovery?

Foam rolling, stretching, and ensuring you have adequate rest days are great tips for making sure your muscles are getting the recovery they need.

In addition, ensuring your sleep is optimal and your nutrition is on point will stand you in great stead for your post-lockdown gym return and becoming more active again.

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