How many Personal Training sessions do I need? (and other related questions…)

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Published: July 21, 2021

This blog post aims to answer the most frequently asked questions surrounding Personal Trainers, and Personal Training in general.

If you are thinking of whether to take the plunge and put your fitness goals in the hands of a Personal Trainer, what do you need to know?

Read on, friend.

Why hire a Personal Trainer?

Personal Trainers exist to support, coach and guide you to meet your fitness goals and aspirations.

Whether that be competitions, losing the pandemic weight, or a holiday, enlisting a Personal Trainer be the gateway between your standard gym sessions and exercise classes.

Personal Trainers have studied hard, earned their fitness qualifications and have a greater understanding of how the body works and how to help you achieve your fitness goals.

What do Personal Trainers actually do?

A Personal Trainer is someone whose job role it is to create fitness programmes for their clients, with an end goal to help their clients achieve their fitness aspirations.

They will work with you to assess your goals, and whether it be muscle gain, weight loss, or definition, you can work together to achieve your fitness aims.

PTs have areas of knowledge which may differ, so ensure you are a good match before you sign up!

Personal trainer with a customer. Woman running outside.

Can a Personal Trainer give nutritional advice?

It is permissible for Personal Trainers to offer general nutrition advice to their clients, which include healthy eating tips.

Suggestions for clients including rest, hydration, and food intake related to their activity levels are often given to help reach desired goals.

During training to become a PT, they learn about macronutrients and general calories allowances.

How often should you see a Personal Trainer?

This answer is going to vary a lot from person to person, as it will depend on time and budget variables.

Between 1-3 PT sessions a week is a good target to aim for, and should keep you motivated to continue training on your own at other times of the week when you are not booked in with your Personal Trainer.

How much does a Personal Trainer cost?

Personal Training pricing is very much a ‘how long is a piece of string question’.

Costs vary wildly, depending on your location and PT experience.

For first time clients, we are promoting our special offer however:

Your first 3 PT sessions are only £35. Yes, that’s right.

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For 3 sessions, tailored to you, with individual attention and motivation – that’s an absolute bargain, right?

Can Personal Trainers teach group fitness classes?

Personal Trainers who have been certified with Level 2 qualifications can progress to a Group Instructor Course.

This course gives PTs the knowledge of planning and executing a group exercise class, as the set up and dynamics of these classes are very different to 1-1 PT sessions.

Summing up

Investing in your body and wellbeing by enlisting the services of a qualified PT in Kettering, Northamptonshire will be a sound one.

For your first 3 PT sessions at just £35, get in touch!