Training at home during COVD-19

By Admin

Published: March 24, 2020

We are all in the same boat now.

So we can’t frequent our usual local gyms in Northamptonshire, but what we can do is take control of our training and our meal planning.

Why not take this opportunity to start a new training plan at home? Here at Linnie Fitness we have come up with a variety of plans you can do from inside your own four walls:

The 12 Week Fat Burning Guide

The 12 Week Hypertrophy Programme with Functional Fitness

The 6 Week Hypertrophy Plan with No Cardio!

The Kickstarter Guide

Metabolic Power Training

Strength Overload Guide

With plans starting from just £20, what better time to invest in your fitness, and come out of this episode stronger and fitter than ever before!

People exercising with kettlebell.

Check out our packages page for more information on how to get started today!