Personal Training Sessions

Do you need help reaching your fitness and health goals?

Want to start a new regime, but don't know where to start?

Here at Linnie Fitness, we want to get your fitness journey right from the very beginning.

It can often be difficult to know what’s right for you and the things you want to achieve.

Diet, biology, physiology can be tough topics to crack alone, with so much information available—that is sometimes conflicting or entirely false.

Without knowing what to do and what you can eat can make physical training daunting, but with help from Linnie Fitness you can apply yourself - without having to worry - as we have the years of research and experience under our belts!

Reach your ideal health and body with Linnie Fitness. We’ll provide you with flexibility, motivation and understanding, guiding you towards your goals through every step with genuine friendliness.

Whether you need dietary guidance or strength training, years of personal experience gives us the insight to offer you a diverse range of training regimes and exercises that can be adjusted to your needs.

Your First 3 Personal Training Sessions - only £35!

As a Linnie Fitness member, your first 3 PT sessions are at a bargain price of just £35.

Not only this, but you get exclusive access to members-only content, downloads and recipes.

So How Do I Get Started?

We will start with your entirely free consultation where we’ll meet to discuss what your goals are, what your motivations are, the deadline you’d like to reach, how much and what you want to lose, how many times a week you’re looking to train and the location you’d like me to visit you.

Conveniently travelling to the destination of your choosing, within Northamptonshire, with no extra fee. From here we can begin to build a personal regime that is based on what you’re looking to achieve that will prepare you for our very first session.

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What Can I Expect from My First Session?

Before your first session, I’ll help explore your needs further, considering your comfort and safety as we get an idea of how best to train with your personal needs and preferences.

If you have an injury or health requirements, we can work together to ensure you reach your personal goals.

Contact us today to start your journey to attain your dream body.

What Happens During Your PT Session

  • Warm Up - Can consist of Cardiovascular exercises, stretching, but can be tailored in a way to suit you.
  • Main Session - Based on upon preference and needs I can support you through a variety of exercise types, which include:
    • Cardiovascular Endurance
    • Strength Training
    • Resistance Training
    • Hypertrophy Focused
    • Flexibility

And more…

  • Cooldown - Can be cardiovascular or functionally based.
  • Feedback Session - At the end of each session I encourage clients to join me in a friendly exchange of feedback that goes both ways, not only will I provide advice, I’ll take the time to actively listen to you before the end of the session to make sure your needs are met and a plan of progression is implemented.
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Info Hub

GP Referrals

I am qualified as a GP Exercise Referral trainer. This qualification allows for me to train client's referred by their GP for exercise. It also allows me to train clients who have health conditions such as COPD, hypertension and arthritis among others.

Additionally, I have other specialist qualification including; Ante and Post-Natal exercise (Which allows for me to train clients throughout pregnancy and after giving birth) and Adapted Exercise for the Older Adults (This qualification allows for me to provide exercise classes and training sessions for Older Adults to help with keeping their independence and also lead a healthier lifestyle).

Linnie Fitness can offer you health advice, specific exercise for your needs that may require special consideration and expertise for overall health, well-being and mobility improvements.

Our services range from:

  • PT sessions
  • PT & meal plans
  • Group PT sessions
  • Corporate fitness
  • Sports massage
  • Boxercise classes

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These services are available in and around Kettering, Northamptonshire.

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