Nutrition & Hydration Week 2021

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Published: June 17, 2021

What is Nutrition & Hydration week?

An annual event, Nutrition & Hydration week is a local, national and global initiative to promote and celebrate enhancements in nutrition and hydration.

Originally born from the health and social care sector, Nutrition & Hydration week is now spread across all communities.

When is Nutrition & Hydration week in the UK?

Nutrition & Hydration week in the UK starts on 14 June, and runs until 20 June 2021.

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Since 2012, Nutrition & Hydration week has been celebrated in March; however this year the week has been pushed back to June – due to the global pandemic.

Organisations come together from all over the world in a bid to promote health and wellbeing, and to provide education surrounding this subject.

Global Tea Party

Headlining Nutrition & Hydration week is the Global Tea Party event!

Taking place on Wednesday 16 June 2021, this event is a wonderful way for people to connect and have fun!

Head here for more information on this years Global Tea Party.

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World Refill Day

Wednesday 16 June 2021 also sees World Refill Day, which is definitely worth a mention in this article, as the two occur on the same week, and are particularly relatable.

World Refill Day is a global awareness campaign with a sole objective to reduce waste and prevent plastic pollution.

#WorldRefillDay and #OneLessProject are the hashtags you can use to join the movement on social media platforms.

Single-use plastic is at the focus of World Refill Day, whose advocates explore the options to keep our environments plastic-free for the future.

This global movement is passionate about creating change, and for all of us to switch to reusing our plastic.

World refill day. has actioned change to the tune of 100 million pieces of plastic avoided to date.

Download the free Refill app to discover more about places near you where you can refill your reusable cups and bottles.

5 benefits of drinking water

We all know that drinking water is good for us. But did you know drinking more water can…

  1. Promote weight loss
  2. Flush out toxins
  3. Improve your skin’s complexion
  4. Increase your energy levels
  5. Help you concentrate
World refill stats.

How do I get involved with Nutrition & Hydration week?

There are many routes to getting involved with this celebratory week, and to kick you off, Nutrition & Hydration have provided everyone with a handbook, which you can access here:

Nutrition & Hydration Handbook Download

Join the conversation on social media by following these links, and using the hashtag #NHweek2021.


Check out the website here, and you can also sign up for the e-newsletter to learn about the latest events happening near you.