Sports Massage Services

Is your body in need of some TLC?

Sports massage therapy is proven to reduce pain and injury in sports, exercise and fitness.

Whether you need to improve flexibility, ease tight muscles or recover from a sports event, Linnie Fitness sports massage services can help.

Sports massage techniques are utilised to reduce the impact of previous injuries, and the resulting scar tissue or in-elasticity that may be impacting on your body’s ability to heal or move properly.

Regular sports massage therapy sessions can aid the improvement of movement quality, reduce tension from stress and give a better sense of body awareness.

ben linnie fitness on sports massage course with practice client

“Ben has instilled confidence and helped me develop self-belief through mindset coaching. He has given me valuable technical advice about injury prevention based around my sports performance in Rugby.”

Aiden Bailey

Benefits of Sports massage

Improved range of motion

Better flexibility

Increased sense of wellbeing

Reduced stress from desk work

Reduced muscular discomfort

Better sleep

Injury rehab

Reduced pain

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Sports massage services

Therapy sessions price structure

£35 for 30 mins

£45 for 45 mins

£60 for full body MOT


Monthly PT clients can substitute a PT session with a sports massage therapy session

Prior to sports massage sessions, a consultation is carried out to discuss any problem areas, history and background of your daily life and physical activity.

I am looking forward to working with you to improve your range of motion and muscle flexibility.

Ben Linnie

I am the founder and owner of Linnie Fitness, I deliver quality personal training and sports therapy massage across Northamptonshire.

Wellbeing and fitness are two of my passions – I love working with clients and patients to improve their health and mobility for enhanced quality of life.