How to Introduce Exercise to Your Weekly Schedule

By Admin

Published: November 7, 2019

We all know we need to fit exercise into our lives.

It makes you feel happier, have more energy, improved skin, and of course improve your overall health immeasurably.

We look at some of the ways to introduce exercise without spending hours at the gym.

Make The Most Of Your Commute

Running or cycling to work is an easy way to squeeze a work out into a busy schedule – and it’s also good for the environment. It’s also a great way to boost your mood, especially when the sun is shining.If it isn’t feasible for you to run or walk to work, but how about getting off the train a stop early or parking further away than usual?

Reclaim your Lunch Break

No more eating lunch at your desk, grab your trainers and make the most of those sacred 60 minutes. Whether it’s a jog around the local park or encouraging your office to introduce lunch time classes, make sure you make that lunch break count.

Workout at Home

You needn’t spend hours slogging away in the gym or spend a fortune on expensive equipment. Try a HIIT or body weight circuit at home to work up a sweat. Not sure what to do? Check out YouTube or follower personal trainers for some easy-to-follow workouts. If you want to push that little bit harder, get yourself some lightweight dumbbells or resistance band to feel the burn.

Go for a brisk walk

Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean 20 burpees. Why not grab your trainers and hit the local park after work? A recent study revealed that just hour of walking after work could cancel out the negative effect of sitting at a desk all day.

Women doing boxercise.

Hit the Pool

You don’t have to be Michael Phelps to get a water workout. It’s a great full body workout and way to keep joints mobilised. It’s pretty inexpensive and if you’re lucky, you could even splash around in the local lido (weather dependent). And next time you find yourself poolside on holiday, make sure you don’t just spend a fortnight on a lilo, OK?

Join a Sports Team

Competition, camaraderie, commitment: all great reasons to get involved in a sports team. It needn’t be serious – join a local league or rent a pitch for a game five-a-side with your mates.Keen to get started? Check out Be Inspired, a comprehensive site where people can look up sports they might be interested in starting, then find a club in their local area. Be Inspired is run by Sport England and UK Sport and is funded by National Lottery money.

Master your Mindset

“Think of working out as something enjoyable,” says running coach Patrick Hammond. “Never think of it as something you have to do, but instead as something you want to do.

You’re so much more likely to stick at it.

Have fun!