Exercise at home – DDPYoga style

By Admin

Published: November 2, 2020

Now that we are about to be imminently thrown into Lockdown 2.0, you may be considering different ways to keep your exercise goals intact whilst the gyms are closed.

If you haven’t tried DDPY, now could be the perfect time to start!

Dynamic Resistance is what makes DDPYoga so powerful and so unique. Using counteracting muscles to continuously resist your movement, purely using your own body as the resistance equipment.

DDPyoga testimonial.

DDPYoga focuses heavily on static poses that really allow your body to heat up and build strength from inside.

Health Benefits of DDPYoga

  • Great cardio workout
  • Increased flexibility
  • Strengthened core muscles
  • Almost no joint impact

DDPY On Demand

From the comfort of your own living room, you can try out DDPY On Demand, and you can stream the exclusive content from anywhere. You can also check out the handy DDPY app, to achieve your fitness goals anywhere, at any time (and a 7 day free trial!)

What are you waiting for? If all this sounds awesome, get in touch and I’ll be delighted to tell you more about it!