Corporate Fitness & Wellbeing

The business perk everyone in your company benefits from!

Virtual fitness classes for your business, at a time to suit how you work. Offer an incentive to get everyone moving and spread the feeling of wellbeing company-wide.

Your employees get healthier.

Your business gets energised.

It’s a winner all round.

“When you work with Ben and with Linnie Fitness, you’re working with the very Best in the World. His focus, passion, drive, determination and work-ethic are unparalleled.”

Russ Jericho

Benefits of Corporate Fitness Packages

Less absenteeism

Happier, more motivated staff

Increased work productivity

Unique business perk

Attract and retain employees


Decreased stress levels for all

Promotes wellbeing

Give the gift of fitness to your employees

Corporate Fitness Packages

Delivered via Zoom to your offices, take advantage of virtual fitness classes specially designed to get your staff up and active.

Your business and staff can be based anywhere – no restrictions as all virtual classes!

Corporate fitness is cost-effective for businesses, and is the solution that benefits everyone in your company.

Choose from a variety of motivating classes and enjoy two 1-hour zoom fitness sessions for all staff. Plus, your staff can benefit from 1-1s on a fortnightly basis!

£250 per month

  • Boxercise
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Circuit Training
  • Mindfulness
  • Maintenance & Stretching

Looking forward to working with you and your colleagues to improve team morale and boost energy!

Ben Linnie

I am the founder and owner of Linnie Fitness, I deliver quality personal training and group exercise classes across Northamptonshire.

Fitness and wellbeing are two of my passions – I love working with clients and patients to improve their health and fitness in fun, motivating and sustainable ways.

Corporate Fitness

Talk to us about your business Corporate Fitness & Wellness needs today.
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