The benefits of a fitness community

You know what it’s like. You start a new fitness or nutrition plan, your motivation carries you through for the first little while, but then it starts to wane. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to do it all by yourself, especially if you don’t have anyone to keep yourself accountable to. “The happiest people are…

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Scared of the gym? There’s a solution

scared lady hiding behind hands

You’re not alone if this is you. In fact, you’re with 50% of the population… 50% of non-gym goers find the idea of visiting a gym scary You see? We knew that stat would make you feel better. Gyms can be intimidating places. Especially at the moment, when every man and his dog are hitting…

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Personal Trainer Cost: Real Talk

linnie fitness corby personal training

This is probably the question we get asked the most in the fitness and personal training world. It can often be challenging to establish what’s right for you, and the goals you want to achieve. Diet, biology and physiology can be tough topics to crack alone, with so much information available – that can often…

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How do you retain employees in 2021?

caucasian male employee stretching at desk linnie fitness

It will come as no shock that in the past few months, job candidates have had leeway to take the wheel a bit more during the recruitment process. Employers are clutching at straws to hold on to their existing employees, in hopes of not having to face the highly competitive, candidate-led market that stands right now. To put it simply, the number of job vacancies open…

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ADHD Awareness Month – October

adhd displayed on lined paper with coloured screwed up balls of tissue paper

What is ADHD Awareness Month? October is the month in which ADHD is recognised as a disorder which needs bringing to the forefront of attention. During the month of October, various resources and information are widely available to bring light to this topic. The definition of ADHD is: A lifelong, persistent pattern of inattention and/or…

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