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Personal Training Myth #1

“Personal Training is too expensive” Too expensive is definitely the number one reason a lot of people think when it comes to personal training. Here at Linnie Fitness, we have completely de-bunked this myth! Your first 3 PT sessions are only £35. Yes, that’s right. For 3 sessions, tailored to you, with individual attention and…

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2021 Fitness Goals

It’s a familiar tale. Setting training and fitness goals for the New Year – often including tasks such as giving up chocolate, alcohol, and pounding the streets in a bid to lose excess weight. Unfortunately, many of us are also familiar with the reality seven days later, cracking open a beer after a stressful day,…

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Can a Personal Trainer help me lose weight?

Probably the most frequently asked question as a Personal Trainer, this one. And the answer is – YES. But it does come with some caveats. A personal trainer helps people lose weight by giving sound advice on diet and exercise. Personal trainers can customise your diet and workout plans to produce the best results. They can teach you multiple exercises that…

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Pros & Cons of using a wearable Fitness Tracker

Updated December 2020 Fitness trackers are all the rage. These wearable technologies help you lead a fitter and healthier life, as they easily track your fitness levels. Whether your goal for the year is to get physically more active or training for a sports event, tracking your fitness is going to be simpler than ever…

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Personal Trainer Cost: Real Talk

This is probably the question asked the most in the fitness and personal training world. It can often be challenging to establish what’s right for you, and the goals you want to achieve. Diet, biology and physiology can be tough topics to crack alone, with so much information available – that can often be conflicting,…

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Exercise at home – DDPYoga style

Now that we are about to be imminently thrown into Lockdown 2.0, you may be considering different ways to keep your exercise goals intact whilst the gyms are closed. If you haven’t tried DDPY, now could be the perfect time to start! Dynamic Resistance is what makes DDPYoga so powerful and so unique. Using counteracting muscles to…

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Safe Outside Personal Training in Kettering

Scenario: Gyms are back open (for now), but you’re not feeling it. There’s a lot of controversy around safety in gyms, and, although you’re itching to get back to something like your fitness level pre-COVID-19, this is definitely an obstacle. Solution: A private personal trainer. Outside. Where safety is paramount, and you can experience personal…

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October: Recipe of the Month

It’s October (how did that happen?!) Therefore, now the nights are drawing in, and there’s a little chill in the air, it must be time for some comfort food! And that doesn’t have to be something stodgy. This month features a special recipe to warm up you and your whole family! Check it out below.…

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Have you heard of DDPYoga? A workout created by former wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, this is a very different type of Yoga. Fusing cardio and strength training techniques with the feel-good benefits of Yoga, and you’ve got an explosive combination! The main benefits of DDPYoga are body fat loss, lean muscle growth, increased flexibility and improved…

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Your Essential Guide to MyFitnessPal

So, let’s say you’ve decided to start tracking your calories, in a bid to be healthier. One of the best ways to monitor your calorie intake is by using a platform called MyFitnessPal (for those in the know, it is MFP for short). MFP is an easy enough interface to use once you are in…

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