International Week of Happiness at Work

happy group of work colleagues

What is International Week of Happiness at Work? Happiness at work. The norm, not the exception The happy folks at International Week of Happiness at Work believe that when we are happier at work, we are happier in all other areas of our lives, too. Happiness should be a top priority for businesses across the…

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Know Your Numbers! week – what’s your blood pressure?

blood pressure device on blue background with goji berries

What is Know Your Numbers! week? This awareness week relates to raising awareness in the UK surrounding the importance of knowing and understanding your personal blood pressure numbers. When is Know Your Numbers! week? Know Your Numbers! week runs from 6 to 12 September 2021. Find out your blood pressure numbers Blood Pressure UK are…

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Migraine Awareness Week September 2021

woman with head in hands suffering from a migraine

What is Migraine Awareness Week? Running from 5 – 11 September 2021, Migraine Awareness Week, like any other awareness week, has an aim to raise awareness around the topics of migraines and headaches. Migraine Awareness Week looks at how migraines are experienced, the help available, and resources to reach out to if you are affected…

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Do I need to workout every day?

This is a question often asked by our PT clients! So we thought we’d dispel some myths and answer this question, amongst others, with a new blog post. So, is more better when it comes to exercising every day of the week? This depends on the type of exercising you are doing. The NHS guidelines…

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Is a Fitbit worth it?

woman on yoga mat with laptop and dumbells wearing a fitness watch

Today’s blog is putting fitness trackers in the spotlight. More specifically, the much-acclaimed Fitbit. Having grown in popularity over the years, fitness trackers are super useful tools for people interested in that next step of motivation to increase their fitness goals. They provide that much-needed accountability at times! A fitness wearable device will go a…

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