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Archive for November 2019

How to Set Smart Fitness Goals and Achieve Them

Fitness goals are important on several counts. They hold us accountable, expand our definition of possible, and encourage us to push through temporary discomfort for longer-lasting change. But figuring out how to set fitness goals you’ll actually want to attain can be part art, part science. Focus on one goal at a time When it comes…

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Functional Fitness: Working Out for Real Life Situations

Functional fitness may be among the latest buzzwords in gyms these days, but for good reason. It’s about training your body to handle real-life situations. Yesterday you had a great workout at the gym. You’re bench-pressing more weight than ever before, and pulling enough weight on the seated rowing machine to try out for the Olympic sculling team. Today,…

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How to Introduce Exercise to Your Weekly Schedule

We all know we need to fit exercise into our lives. It makes you feel happier, have more energy, improved skin, and of course improve your overall health immeasurably. We look at some of the ways to introduce exercise without spending hours at the gym. Make The Most Of Your Commute Running or cycling to…

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7 Reasons to try Spinning

One of the most popular fitness classes around has to be Spinning. Spin classes (also known as Group Cycling) are now offered at almost every fitness centre and gyms around. The advantages of doing a spin class can help you blast through body fat, give you better cardio, and much more. We look at 7…

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